Saturday, November 25, 2017

First Workshop Was Fantastic!

I had an absolute blast with our inaugural workshop!  

It was held at the Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts (MBNCA) today (a fabulous location, by the way!).  

We had a lovely turnout and the participants created wonderfully expressive art cloth pieces.  The bigger pieces represent the face they show the world, and then smaller pieces represent their inner-most selves. 

Now that they have finished making them, I'll have to get busy and start the rather-long process of turning them into floral sculptures.  

I am excited to see how they all turn out!!

The participants really seemed to enjoy it - and it looks like we might be hosting another workshop at the MBNCA in January.  

Thanks to everyone who helped launch the Our Place In This World project - and a special thanks to all the participants! I had SOOO much fun!

Stay tuned for more updates!   Rebecca Wachtman

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