Saturday, November 18, 2017

Welcome to the Our Place In This World Community Art Project!

Hello!  My name is Rebecca Wachtman and I am a fiber artist who has created a community-based project called "Our Place In This World".  

I started this project because as an artist, mother, employee, and a friend to peoples in many communities, I have been hearing more and more people talking about feeling alienated, left-out, or marginalized.  It is especially heart-breaking that many smaller community groups (such as Veterans, Elderly, Muslims, Mexicans, LGBTQ, Disabled, etc.) all have members who feel unloved, unwelcome, unwanted, and un-needed.

The divisiveness of the current political climate in our country is creating a moral imperative to remind people that each of us are part of a much-larger, interconnected community which is all-the-better because of the diversity it contains!   

"Our Place In This World" seeks to demonstrate the importance, beauty, and impact of each individual (especially those from marginalized or fringe communities), within the overall/larger community.  Everyone should know that they are beautiful, important, and hold a valued place within the larger community.   Where you come from and what you’ve endured makes you whom you are.  The overall/larger community will have an impact on you as well, but your choices in what you choose to focus upon, and the actions you take; ultimately creates your place in the world

The "Our Place In This World" project gives individuals the opportunity to create a piece of art-fabric (which will represent their outer shell they show the world, as well as their inner, protected core).  Each art-fabric will be crafted into a resin & fiber sculpture.  Each sculpture will then become part of a larger, interactive, touring, community installation-piece. The individual sculptures (or groups of sculptures) will be available for purchase.  Each individual art-cloth creator has the option of receiving 15% of sale of their sculpture or electing to donate their portion of the sale to the Our Place In This World project (the proceeds of which, will go to support local community outreach programs!). The expectation is that each sculpture will remain with the exhibit for at least 6-12 months to allow for touring/exhibition opportunities (unless they sell).  At the end of the tour, the individual creators will have the opportunity to obtain their own sculptures for a reduced fee (covering the cost of materials and production time).   

If you are interested in participating with this project, please contact: 
Rebecca Wachtman at:
Phone  206-745-2363

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