Thursday, January 18, 2018

An Apology and Thankfulness

Hello all!  

First of all, let me start by apologizing for taking so long to get started on resining the first set of flowers from the inaugural Our Place In This World workshop!  I really appreciate your patience in waiting to see your artwork turned into sculptures!!

The last month and a half has been a bit crazy and full of unforeseen challenges.  It started with a prolonged jury duty and ended with some annoying health issues - all with a lot of holiday madness thrown in.  I won't go into any issues (for that would take the whole post and probably bore you to tears), but I am VERY thankful to finally be back on-track!!

SO with that said, here are pictures of the resin being applied to the first set of Our Place In This World art pieces.  

First is a picture of a few of the general forms used to shape the fabric.

Next is a picture of the resin being mixed. 

Then I starting with one of the youngest workshop member's works.  First I have to peel the fabric off of the backing-paper (I had ironed the silks to freezer paper).  

The next step is to apply the resin to the fabric.  
I drizzle it on, then use an old plastic card to spread the resin evenly onto the fabric.  

I use quite a bit of force when spreading the resin because I want to make sure the fabric is totally saturated.  You can already start to see a color change in both the silk and the dyes. The silk is starting to become more translucent and the dyes intensify a bit. 

Once I've made sure the area I've marked (which will become the flower shape) is saturated with resin, I then drape the fabric over a form and set it aside to dry. It will need to dry at least 24 hours before I can move on to the next step.

(Yup, that's me and a bit of my studio in the background)

I'll post more pictures tomorrow.
Thanks again for your patience and understanding while I got back on-track!


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