Friday, January 19, 2018

The 2nd Set Of Pictures From The Initial Resining

I promised more pictures and here they are!  I think they're looking great!!

This is the 2nd piece of fabric for art piece #1117MBNCA04 (The first piece was shown in the previous post).

Drizzling resin over #1117MBNCA03 1st piece .

Resin has been applied to #1117MBNCA03's 2nd piece (on the right) and to  #1117MBNCA02's 2nd piece (left). 

1117MBNCA02's pieces resined and drying.

Applying resin to 1117MBNCA01's piece.

At this point, my hands became super-sticky and the resin was starting to set up.  I had to work quickly and stop taking so many photos. 

So I waited until I got them all done and took a group photo.  

I love the way they look already!!  

The next step in the process (as I mentioned before), is to let them all dry for at least 24 hours.  Later, I will have to cut each one into their chosen shapes and then begin the long process of applying a coat of resin, let it dry for 24+ hours, and repeat the resin and drying until the fabric becomes glass-like in appearance and sturdy enough to stand without collapsing. 

So much fun!!

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